Business Credit Cards

15 January 2009

Business credit cards are much like standard credit cards in that the interest rate offered will vary with your credit scores, and no-frills credit cards generally carry lower interest rates than cards that offer miles, points, or cash back.

However, they do offer some additional options.

For instance, as a business owner, you can order extra cards for your employees – some with pre-set spending limits. The cards are imprinted with the employee’s name and the monthly bill also breaks out who spent what and where. Some cards also offer year-end reporting that summarizes the year’s purchases. This can be a valuable tool for both accounting and budgeting.

Rewards programs are geared toward business, with several cards offering miles for business travel or extra points or cash back for business-related purchases.

The Capital One business card, for instance, lets you choose which of the following categories will earn triple points: travel and lodging, gas and service stations, building supplies and hardware, computers and electronics, office supplies and furniture, advertising and shipping.

Advanta offers a card with a twist – the interest rate is high, but the consumer gets the first 90 days interest-free on purchases. Thus, there’s plenty of time for accounting and bill paying before any interest is due. The rewards program with this card is an added bonus.

Advanta also offers a “points” card with a customizable option. Your cards can be imprinted with your business name and logo.

Most business cards do not charge an annual fee. However, the two that offer the greatest benefits in terms of airline miles and extra “perks” charge both an annual fee and a high interest rate. Consumers must weigh the value of the rewards against these fees.

As with other credit cards, the consumer should read the details and study the offers carefully before choosing a business credit card. If the balance will be paid in full each month, then your preference for miles, points, or cash back should be the consideration. If the business will need to carry a balance, then the annual percentage rate should be the prime factor behind your choice.

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An often overlooked business card:

As both a convenience and a financial safety feature, some businesses choose to issue pre-paid cards to employees who travel or shop on behalf of the business. This not only limits the amount an employee can spend, but reduces the danger from a lost card. A thief will be limited to the balance on the card, and it will be useless as a tool for identity theft. your resource for credit cards, business credit cards, student credit cards, secured credit cards, and prepaid credit cards. We also provide a weatlth of information about the importance of having credit cards and how they will benefit you.

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