More about Payday Loans as A Means of Boosting Credit Scores

May 7, 2013

The short term or payday loans are fast becoming one of the most availed options for borrowers not only for  attending to their immediate needs but also for bolstering their credit scores. They might entail rates that can cross 4000 per cent with an addition of APR. There is no doubt that they  help you to mitigate temporary but urgent issues, but are they really effective in boosting your credit scores? Let us find out.


To begin with, you must know that the fast cash loans are indeed included in your credit file, the moment you apply for them. If you are approved for them it will help you in notching up better ratings and vice versa.


Another thing that you should be made aware of, before further details regarding the relevant topic are shared, is that your credit rating will differ with the creditors’ wishes. It means that it is the lender who marks the borrowers’ scores in the file as per his wish. The wish list is generally based on the value of the borrower for the lender (meaning how profitable is the customer for the creditor).


Now back to the effect of payday loans on FICO scores. If you make the payments on a regular basis you will be able to secure better scores for yourself. However as already mentioned even after making payments on a regular basis the rate of improvement of your scores will be dependent on the creditors’ choice. However you can be rest assured if you are making timely repayments, it will result in better scores for you. If you make an attempt to repay installments on time or for that matter earlier than the scheduled time you will be rewarded with better ratings from the lenders.


Though at present, availing the fast cash loans might be helpful in improving your ratings, the future looks a bit grim in this regard. It is being anticipated that in future a bit of negative marking might be attached to them as far as your credit scores are concerned. Today the creditors are not particularly mentioning the payday loans on the files. They are just being mentioned as borrowings. However in future there might be differentiations drawn between these particular borrowings and other kinds of loaning practices. Since the instant loans are in some cases associated with low income problems, money management and other issues, creditors might as well add some negative ratings for payday loans, irrespective of the fact whether you have paid on time or not.


You can thus base your decision to opt for these borrowings on the factors mentioned above. Only the fact that that improved FICO ratings give individuals better opportunities in future as far as their borrowings are concerned, should not really induce you to invest indiscriminately in these loans.


Author Bio: Author Alan Starc is an experienced web content writer. Most of his articles inform readers about  the various aspects of payday loans. Please click here to know more about this service.

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