Not only national and household debt that are the major things of concern for the people in this nation, the amount of student credit card debt is also considered to be a major problem for the US students. As per reports, from the last quarter of 2010, the student credit card debt amount was gradually growing out of control and majority has been opting for debt consolidation. You may also be one of those students who’s knee deep in credit card debt. But, better not lose heart as there are various options through which you can pay off your student credit card debts.

Credit card consolidation options
There are different ways in which you can consolidate the credit cards that you had used while you were a student:

1. Taking out consolidation loan – You can obtain debt consolidation/credit card consolidation by taking out a consolidation loan. There are two types of consolidation loan – the secured and the unsecured consolidation loan. If you take out a consolidation loan, you may be able to consolidate the student credit cards you have and pay those off.

2. Opting for balance transfer – You can consolidate your student credit cards through balance transfer. Balance transfer is the process through which you transfer the balance from all the credit cards that have high interest rates to a new credit card that if offering you 0% interest on balance transfer. You will have to remember that it is important for you to pay off the whole debt amount within the offer period. Otherwise, once the offer period ends, the interest rate is going to rise and this is going to increase the debt amount too.

3. Getting credit card debt help – You can consolidate your student credit cards through a debt consolidation program. For that you will have to go to a credit card consolidation company, they will analyze your debt situation and help you budget. They will then negotiate with the creditor so as to lower the interest rates on the credit cards. Then you are supposed to make a large but single monthly payment to the credit card consolidation company. They will then forward the payment to your creditors. This can help you to become free of your student credit card debt.

So, if you are in credit card debt, you have the above discussed credit card consolidation or debt consolidation options through which you can become free of the dues. Thus, you will be able to pay off your student credit card debts in full and also improve your credit in the process.

Jason Holmes is a regular financial writer associated not only with DebtConsolidationCare but also with other financial websites. He is an expert with immense knowledge on the various aspects of the debt and credit industry. He has written numerous financial articles based on credit card consolidation and solving those and there are some e-books in his name with the likes of “My Story- From Depression To a Smile”, “Credit Score The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket” and so on.

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