Orchard Bank Classic Cards filled with Benefits

Sep 8, 2010

Choosing between credit cards is an arduous task, and what can make things worse is getting the wrong card.  Shopping for credit cards takes time, patience, and some skill.  It also takes knowing what that card can offer you, like the Orchard Bank Classic Cards

Orchard Bank provides the MasterCard logo, which is the second largest logo in the world.  Secondly, they offer a credit card you can build your credit history with.  Orchard Bank Classic Cards is a group of cards for you to choose from.  Some of these cards will be secured credit cards and others are bad credit credit cards.  Bad credit credit cards mean you have let your credit scores fall.  You’ve been labeled a risk, but you also have a way to get your perfect scores back through one of the Orchard Bank Classic Cards. 

With the account you have the ability to access your online information 24/7, along with receiving emails and test messages when you require them.  The difference between Orchard Bank Classic Cards and most other credit cards is our number three advantage of the card.  Orchard Bank will report monthly to the credit bureaus to help raise your bad credit as quickly as possible. 

Orchard Bank also has a different process for awarding the credit cards.  They have a card selection process you go through before the application process.  In other words, they pre-qualify you for the Classic Cards you would be best suited for.  You do not have to take any of the secured credit cards being offered, but they do help narrow down your choices.  It takes sixty seconds to find out which credit cards you pre-qualify for without affecting your credit score. 

Once you decide on the right card out of the Classic Cards you can fill out the application, chose a card design, and wait for the results.  The application will affect your credit score, as any running of your credit will, but this is done only after the pre-selection to see what card or cards might be awarded to you.

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