The Prepaid Rush Card

Feb 15, 2010

Taking charge of your finances has never been easier or more convenient.

The prepaid Rush Card gives you the safety and convenience of a credit or debit card – without the risk of going over limit and paying hefty fees. And, when you have your paycheck or government check deposited directly into your account, you’ll never pay a check cashing fee again.

When you want to load your Rush Card with cash, simply visit one of over 40,000 Money Gram locations, including WalMart and CVS/Pharmacy. You can also transfer from a Pay Pal or bank account, or mail in a check or money order.

Different people use their money in different ways, so the Rush Card offers you two plans to choose from – either the monthly plan or the “Pay as you Go” plan.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The prepaid Rush Card gives you on-line money management tools to help you set up a budget, track spending, and even print your own monthly statements or download them into popular financial software on your own computer. With the instant alert function, you can be notified immediately if you’ve exceeded a monthly budget amount in any category.

Plus, when you sign up for the RushPath to Credit and pay your bills with the card, we’ll automatically report your payment history to Lexis Nexis® and PRBC®, where your positive credit file will begin to grow.

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