First Vineyard Prepaid MasterCard®

Dec 27, 2009

Want a good incentive for using a prepaid credit card?

How about cash back every time you use the card? How about a $25 bonus every time you refer a friend to First Vineyard? How about an extra 1% back on every dollar you spend online through the First Vineyard MarketPlace™? How about cash back on the dollars your friends – and their friends – spend on their everyday needs?

First Vineyard’s compensation package could have you earning up to $800 per month in cash back fees – from your own spending, and from the people you refer, and the people they refer. The more people you refer, and the more they refer, the more you earn.

It’s like MLM marketing, but without asking your friends to buy or sell your products.

The First Vineyard Prepaid MasterCard® is available to any U.S. resident over 18 years of age with a valid social security number and verifiable address. There are no credit checks, and no employment verification.

You’ll pay a one-time activation fee of $39.95 and a monthly fee of $6.95. Regular purchases made in the U.S. have no fees, and the ATM withdrawal fee is only $2.

You can add cash via direct payroll deposit, Pay Pal, or by cashiers check or money order for free. (Fees do apply to electronic funds transfers and other means of re-loading your card.)

With the First Vineyard Prepaid MasterCard® you’ll enjoy the convenience of powerful online management tools, including spending summaries, account details, and current compensation due you for cash back rewards.

You can also transfer money to any checking, savings, or money market account and send money to any First Vineyard member. Our Click-n-Pay™ service means you can pay any bill, even if your biller doesn’t accept MasterCard.
.You can even use your First Vineyard card to place long distance calls from any phone.
Once you’ve joined our First Vineyard family and qualified for compensation, we’ll help you build your compensation tree. When new members come in without a direct referral, we insert them into existing member’s trees. That means you could receive cash back when a total stranger goes out to dinner and a movie!
But that’s not all… you can also receive a portion of the First Vineyard MarketPlace Pool. At the end of each month, a portion of each sale at the FV MarketPlace is divided evenly among qualifying members. And qualifying is easy. You qualify for rewards any time your First Vineyard Personal Group has $50 or more in group spending for the month.
Follow the links for more details on how your First Vineyard Prepaid MasterCard® can actually increase your income each and every month.

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