The Facecard prepaid MasterCard®

Aug 12, 2010

Do you find yourself paying late charges because you forget to pay a bill on time?

With direct deposit and automated bill pay, the Facecard prepaid MasterCard® will save you from that drain on your finances. And direct deposit means your money will be available for your use sooner.

You can also load your Facecard from your bank account or by transfer from a credit card or debit card. The maximum that may be loaded from a credit card is $500, and the maximum balance you may carry on your Facecard is $2,500.

The Facecard is just a little different from most pre-paid credit cards, because it is available to U.S. citizens 13 years of age and older – most cards require holders to be at least 18 years of age. You still do have to provide a Social Security number, full name, and address, in compliance with Federal Regulations.

As with many pre-paid credit cards, there is no monthly fee if you use your card regularly, but the Facecard minimums, like its age limit, are lower. To avoid the $3 monthly fee, you can load as little as $100 per month on your card or spend as little as $100 per month using your card. This makes the Facecard a great pre-paid card for teens whose parents might want to load their monthly allowance or emergency funds onto the card. Transfers from one Facecard to another are always quick and always free.

The Facecard also offers “Prewards” -  digital incentives (like coupons) that are automatically added to your Facecard as soon as you click on “accept” after receiving an e-mail notice. . Merchants in our partner network send digital incentives to your Facecard for you to enjoy at their restaurant, store or place of business. Each Preward is for a specific business and is good for a set time limit.

The Facecard cannot be used for gambling or any illegal activities. The Teen Facecard cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, adult entertainment, firearms, or ammunition.

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